How to Prevent Varicose Veins

There are a lot of ways on how to prevent varicose veins and spider veins which are unsightly and painful, and in extreme cases can lead to skin ulcers.

Exercise regularly

A most popular way of preventing having gnarled and dilated blood vessels is to exercise regularly. Simple exercise routines such as walking and jogging can significantly improve blood circulation in the legs and reduces high blood pressure as well while reinforcing the circulatory system.

Avoid prolonged standing

Another way of decreasing your chances of having varicose veins is to avoid standing for a prolonged time. Standing in a single place for an extended amount of time elevates venous pressure in the legs and also in your feet. The venous pressure weakens the walls of the blood vessels over time. Sometimes standing for a long time is unavoidable due to the demands of your job but you can still do something on how to prevent varicose veins by varying your position as often as possible.

You must also try walking for at least every half an hour and try to as well to sit for short spans of time if your job allows it. You can also put your foot up just for a while when standing for long periods of time.

Maintain ideal weight

Other reliably ways on how to prevent varicose veins is maintaining a health weight while quitting smoking. Excess weight due to being obese adds pressure on the legs and subsequently leads to having varicose veins. High blood pressure as a result of being a smoker or a heavy smoker helps in causing varicose veins.

Avoid tight-fitting clothes and high-heels

Circulation of blood in your lower body can be improved by avoiding tight fitting clothes especially on your legs and around your waist. Always try to wear comfortable low-heeled shoes instead of high heels but also make sure that your shoes properly fit your feet. Another way to promote good blood circulation is maintaining a good posture and sitting properly. Sitting up straight without crossing your legs does not restrict blood flow towards and away from your legs.

Avoid birth control pills

Avoid using high estrogen birth control pills for long duration. This will help reduce the risk of having varicose veins since regular use of these kind of pills alter circulatory valve function. Your health care provider can prescribe you birth control pills which would not cause varicose veins.

Wear compression hose

The regular wearing of compression hose can help in preventing the further development of varicose veins. Compression hoses can be bought in medical supply stores or pharmacies and comes in different fitting states. A proper fit and compression level of the hose can be suggested by your doctor or by the pharmacist.